Taiwan’s Wei Chuan Foods to Construct Factory in Suzhou to Supply the Greater Shanghai Market

Wei Chuan Foods Corp (味全食品) yesterday [30 June 2017] said it is to invest nearly 600 million yuan (US$88.5 million) building a new plant in China’s Suzhou [Jiangsu Province], as part of efforts to accelerate the firm’s turnaround…Full Article: The Taipei Times June 2017 Key Points Between October and December 2018, Wei Chuan Foods’ new

Henan-based Frozen Food Producer Selling Products via Vending Machines

Buying drinks and snacks from vending machines is nothing new. But picking up your lunch from one is rather novel. In a move to tap into what could become a lucrative market, Sanquan Fresh Food started rolling out lunch box vending machines in office buildings across Shanghai’s business district last year [2014]. By June [2015],

Top Chinese Producer of Quick-Frozen Food to Acquire 4 Companies from Heinz

Zhengzhou Sanquan Foods Co Ltd, one of China’s largest producers of fast-frozen food, said it has reached an exclusive acquisition framework agreement with H.J. Heinz Co to acquire the four Long Fong food companies owned directly or indirectly by Heinz. The statement didn’t disclose the specific acquisition price, and said the two companies will have