Beijing’s Fresh Vegetables Contain More Pesticides than Shanghai Produce According to a Recent Survey

Pesticide residue on fresh vegetables sold in Beijing’s markets is a big problem, according to a survey covering three of China’s biggest cities. And it’s not just one pesticide, but many. About 40 percent of the 53 vegetable samples collected from markets in Beijing and neighboring areas, which supply vegetables to Beijing, contained five or

Fujian’s Yonghui Supermarkets Tout Food Safety Measures

Blue notes beside the vegetable in a branch of Yonghui Supermarket in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, show farm produce free of pesticide residue. “The notice is helpful so that I can choose healthier food,” said a customer surnamed Lin, one of the city’s safety-minded shoppers. “For ten years, we have been cooperating with local farmers

Employees of Shanghai Husi Are Officially Laid Off Following July’s Expired Meat Scandal

OSI China announced wide scale layoffs on Monday [22 September 2014] after it was accused of supplying expired meat to fast-food giants including McDonald’s and Yum! Brands in July [2014]. A total of 340 workers will lose their jobs, including 226 employed by Shanghai Husi Company and 114 contractors to Shanghai Husi, OSI China said

McDonald’s Forecasts a Drop in Revenue in China Over Expired Meat Scandal

McDonald’s Corp, working to resume sales of beef and chicken in China this week after a supplier was accused of repackaging old meat, said the situation is hurting its sales in Asia. “McDonald’s businesses in China, Japan and certain other markets are experiencing a significant negative impact to results,” the US fast-food company said in

China to Adopt Stricter Standards on Pesticide Residue Limits for its Farm Produce

A stricter standard on pesticide residue for farm produce in China will take effect on Friday [1 August 2014]. The new standard includes 3,650 indices detailing the maximum allowable residue [MRL] for 387 pesticides on 284 types of food, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Health and Family Planning Commission, which jointly

Shanghai Husi Food Sold Expired Meat to Nine Major Restaurant Brands

Food safety authorities say they will watch food processors more closely after discovering that a Shanghai meat company allegedly repackaged and sold expired beef and chicken to McDonald’s, KFC and other restaurants in China in an organized fashion. Shanghai’s food watchdog agency summoned Husi Food managers Tuesday afternoon to assist with an investigation into the

South Korea Optimistic China will Revise its Food Safety Regulations to Allow for the Importation of Kimchi

Kimchi is expected to make its way on to the Chinese market soon. Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Thursday to ease his country’s strict food safety regulations on fermented foods that have blocked kimchi exports to his country. During a summit with President Park Geun-hye in Seoul, Xi said, “I like kimchi. We are

Vietnam Detects High Levels of Pesticide Residue in Fruit and Vegetable Shipments from China

In its Document 986/QLCL-CL2 sent to China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Nafiqad listed lime, grape, persimmon, apple, turnip, mandarin, carrot and orange from the batches with higher chemical residues than allowed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Notably, the residue of Propargite used to kill spiders in Chinese mandarin

Plastic Wrap used to Package Meat and Vegetables May Contain Banned Toxic Plasticizers

Plastic film used by supermarkets to wrap meat and vegetables may contain banned toxic plasticizers that could impair male sexual function and lead to premature sexual development in females, according to China Central Television. Fifteen samples of polyvinyl chloride plastic wrap out of 16 samples sent for tests were found to contain bis(2-ethylhexyl) adipate (DEHA),