Shanghai Food and Drug Administration Detects High Chemical Residues in Samples of Vegetables, Fresh Fish, Flour, and Tofu

Two batches of vegetables sold at Lotus and Tesco outlets in Shanghai were found to contain excessive pesticide residue, the city’s food watchdog said. A batch of celery sold at the Chuanchang outlet of Lotus and supplied by Shanghai Jiangqiao Wholesale Market was found to contain 3.6 milligrams of chlorpyrifos residue per kilogram — 71

Beijing Food and Drug Administration Closes 225 Online Restaurants

Beijing’s food safety watchdog has ordered 225 online meal ordering and delivery businesses to close shop since December, local officials said Saturday [7 January 2106]. According to Beijing Food and Drug Administration, most of the problem stores were operating without a license. They were registered on the country’s three largest online catering service platforms —

Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration Fines OSI China and Husi Food Over Meat Scandal

Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration on Monday [3 October 2016] ordered a major fast food chain supplier and its parent company to pay fines for producing and selling substandard products. According to the authority, Shanghai Husi Food Co and OSI Group’s China office were fined approximately 17 million yuan ($2.5 million) and 7.3 million

China’s State Council to Inspect and Grade Provincial Food Safety Performance

The central authority will send inspectors to review provincial-level government food safety, according to a document published on Monday [29 August 2016]. The General Office of the State Council published a circular on the annual review and assessment of food safety work…Full Article: Xinhua Finance Aug 2016 Key Point The State Council will also ask

Concerns Over the Sale of Drowned Hogs and Poultry After Flooding in China

Severe flooding across large parts of the country has raised fresh concerns about food safety. Since the rainy season began in early June, millions of domestic animals have been washed away in flooding, authorities said…Full Article: Xinhua July 2016 Key Point As a result of flooding from mid-June to early July 2016, Anhui Province lost

Shanghai Officials Cite Four Companies for Food Safety Violations

Jiuguang Department Store and online retailer are among four food outlets to be reprimanded by Shanghai food safety authority. The names of four retailers showed up on the national food quality check list, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration said yesterday [20 June 2016]…Full Article: June 2016 Key Point The food safety violations affected

Zhejiang Tech Company Teams Up with Israeli Software Company to Create QR Code based Food Traceability System

Creating a system to trace the entire process of food and agricultural products going from field to table will be an effective way to solve the food safety problem in China, Zheng Xinli, chairman of Zhejiang Evoture Net Technology Co Ltd said. China’s new food security law took effect on October 1 last year, emphasizing