Chinese Investor to Cultivate Pyrethrum Flowers, A Natural Insecticide, For Export to the Mainland

Kenya, once the world’s leading producer of pyrethrum, the natural ingredient used in the manufacture of insecticides and other pesticides, has seen the production of the crop drop drastically due to delayed payments of crop deliveries and lack of proper management within the sector. Chinese investor Li Changhong, the Director of DLI International Trade Limited,

Tianjin’s Binhai International Flower Science Park is Northern China’s Largest High-Grade Flower Planting Base

Located in Dongli district of Tianjin, the Binhai International Flower Science Park is the largest planting base of high-grade flowers in North China. With an area of 3,400 mu (227 square meters), the park boasts an annual output of 10 million flowers of more than 100 varieties, such as medinilla magnifica, anthuria and bromeliads, which

Frosty Weather Damages Flowers and other cash crops in Yunnan Province

Freezing weather, snow and frost have damaged 670,000 hectares of crops in Southwest China’s Yunnan province. Unseasonal cold damages flower harvest, causing prices to spike. The southwestern plateau region grows at least 70 percent of the flowers sold at Chinese marketplaces…Full Article: China Daily Dec 2013 & China Daily Dec 2013 Key point The cold

Fujian Province and Taiwan Cohost Agriculture and Flower Expo in Zhangzhou

The 5th Cross-Straits Modern Agricultural Fair & 15th Cross-Straits Flower Expo kicked off in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, on Nov 18 [2013]. Jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the Fujian provincial government, the five-day event aims to deepen cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation in agriculture and horticulture…Full-text article: