Chinese Demand for South Australian Rock Lobster Remains Strong During the Spring Festival

The Chinese New Year is increasing demand for rock lobster. More than ten tons of rock lobster are being exported daily to China from the south-east of South Australia…Full Article: ABC Rural Jan 2014 Key point According to the exporter from Robe, South Australia, the Chinese New Year market price for rock lobster has hovered

U.S. Launches Countervailing Duty investigations on Frozen Warm-Water Shrimp from China and 6 other Countries

The US Commerce Department announced Friday [Jan 18] that it was launching countervailing duty investigations on frozen warm-water shrimp from China and other six countries. The investigations are in response to the petition filed by the US Coalition of Gulf Shrimp Industries, who alleged producers and exporters of China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and