China Donates Rice and Promises Urea (Nitrogen) Fertilizer to Zimbabwe

Government yesterday received part of the 19 000 tonnes of rice from China after 5 500 tonnes was delivered to Grain Marketing Board’s Aspindale depot in Harare, as measures to alleviate food insecurity intensify. The Chinese Government also pledged to provide 10 000 tonnes of urea fertiliser to Government as a way of boosting the

Zimbabwe to Use Donated Chinese Rice to Help Feed its Inmate Population

Zimbabwe on Monday [16 March 2015] received 5,400 metric tonnes of rice worth more than 8 million US dollars from China to help alleviate food shortages in the country. Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare Minister Prisca Mupfumira thanked China for the donation, saying it was a gesture that shows