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ChinaAg is a market research and analytical firm dedicated to helping clients navigate China’s agricultural trade and food sector

There is a critical need for market information as China’s agriculture sector expands to meet the needs of its citizens. In 2011, China overtook the United States as the largest global importer of agricultural products and passed Canada as the largest importer of American agricultural goods. In 2013, China overtook the European Union as the largest importer of Brazilian agricultural commodities and America as the largest global trader of goods. As such, the global marketplace needs a one-stop source for English-language news and analysis of China’s agriculture sector. Be it irrigation projects in Sichuan (“province of abundance”/豐富的省) or soybean imports from Iowa, ChinaAg covers all aspects of China’s growing appetite for agricultural goods.

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ChinaAg draws upon its vast resources to research, analyze, and deliver information to strengthen your understanding of China’s agriculture and food industry. Ask any question you may have regarding China’s agricultural markets and a ChinaAg analyst will respond promptly and personally to your request for information.

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ChinaAg can be contacted by email at Info@ChinaAg.org or by submitting a request in the general enquiry form below. An initial consultation typically includes basic research to determine the detail of available information and can occur via email or video teleconference. The consultation will also cover the scope of work, pricing, and required delivery timeframe.