China’s total forestry output is expected to exceed 7 trillion RMB ($1.06 trillion) in 2017, according to Chinese newspaper Economic Daily. China has become the fastest-growing and most influential country in forest products manufacturing, trading, and consumption, said Zhang Jianlong, director of the State Forestry Administration (SFA), at a forum on forestry development on Dec. 5…Full Article: Dec 2017

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  • According to the director of China’s State Forestry Administration (SFA), China has 208 million hectares of forests and 15.13 billion cubic meters of forest stock.

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  • By 2020 (reported in July 2017), according to China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016 to 2020), the country hopes to have its forestry output reach CNY 8.7 trillion [~USD 1.3 trillion] in value.
  • In 2016, China’s forestry output topped CNY 6 trillion (USD 868 billion) for the first time.
  • From 2001 to 2015, China’s forestry output grew from CNY 409 billion (~US$49 billion) to CNY 5.9 trillion (~US$909 billion). Forestry output includes furniture, wood flooring, wood panels, bamboo wood, paper, rosin, and other forest products.
  • In April 2014, Heilongjiang Province announced it would ban commercial logging of its natural forests. Heilongjiang Province has 18.5 million hectares of (state-owned) forests.
  • In 2013, China produced 84.3 million cubic meters of timber. Guangxi Region accounted for 27%, or 22.8 million cubic meters, of China’s total timber output. Neighboring Guangdong Province accounted for 10%, or 8 million cubic meters, of the country’s total timber output.
  • In 2011, China produced 81.4 million cubic meters of timber. China’s timber production is largely located in the southern regions of the country. In 2011, Guangxi province produced 15.2 million cubic meters of timber or 19% of China’s total timber output. Guangdong province produced 7.3 million cubic meters (9% of China’s output), while Hunan, Fujian, and Yunnan provinces produced 5.9 million to 5.3 million cubic meters of timber (7% output each).

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