China’s bottled water conglomerate, Nongfu Spring, is tapping into the skin care market, the Hangzhou-based company announced on Sunday [26 November 2017] night. But instead of using aqua, which tops many skin care product ingredients, the company said “there isn’t a single drop of water” in three of its newly launched products, which are facial masks and two types of toners…Full Article: China Daily Nov 2017

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  • Nongfu Spring has imported 400 MTs of natural birch sap from Finland in order to produce Yoseido branded moisturizers and other products.

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  • Birch sap is a clear, smooth liquid that is generally collected in Finland from April to early May.
  • In 2014, China’s bottled water market totaled US$18.5 billion in retail sales, behind only the USA at US$18.8 billion. The top Chinese bottled water companies at the time were Ting Hsin International Group (see Tingyi – HKG:0322) at a 12% market share, Yangshengtang (see Nongfu Spring) at 11.4%, China Resources Enterprise (C’est Bon brand) at 10.8%, Hangzhou Wahaha at 10.8%, and Coca-Cola at 5.6%.
  • In May 2013, Chinese water bottlers were pushing for a national unified standard for bottled water. During the same month, Beijing officials ordered Nongfu Spring (see Yangshengtang) to stop production of its 19-liter barrel drinking product over quality issues. According to Nongfu Spring, they used the water quality standard (#DB33833) of Zhejiang province, which covers 57 quality measures. At the same time, Fujian province has 28 quality measures, Hunan province 37, Chongqing has 25, and Guangdong has 40 measures.
  • In April 2013, a rival bottle water company based in Guangdong province claimed Nongfu Spring produces substandard water.
  • Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Yangshengtang (Yang Sheng Tang) is a health care product manufacturer whose product line includes vitamins, nutritional supplements, protein powder, and beverages. Founded in 1996, Nongfu Spring is the bottled water division of Yangshengtang. Nongfu Spring’s product line includes bottled water, fruit water, vitamin water, tea, and juice.

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