Despite Vietnam’s great dragon fruit production, which can reach up to 20,000 tonnes per month, China absorbs the vast majority of this volume, about 70%…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Nov 2017

Key Point

  • Vietnamese dragon fruit varieties include white flesh, red flesh, and purple flesh dragon fruit (red/pink skin).

ChinaAg Comments

  • In October 2017, representatives of China’s AQSIQ visited Ecuador to assess the country’s dragon fruit industry. Ecuador grows a yellow-skinned variety of dragon fruit that is generally sweeter than its red-skinned Asian counterpart.
  • As of mid-2017, China cultivated dragon fruit, aka pitaya or pitahaya, on approximately 36,000 hectares of land. The largest producer was Guangxi Province at ~11,000 ha, while the provinces of Guangdong, Guizhou, Yunnan, Fujian and Hainan were secondary producers. China’s dragon fruit season typically runs from May to November.
  • In 2016, China imported ~523,000 MTs of dragon fruit.
  • In 2012, China imported 469,245 MTs of dragon fruit. Vietnam was the dominant supplier.

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