Shanghai Disney Resort recently announced that its visitors are no longer allowed to bring in any outside food, alcoholic beverages or soft drinks (larger than 600 milliliters). Previously, anyone could bring their own unopened snacks and drinks into the resort. This news has raised heated discussions and debates on Chinese social websites, as it goes directly against local tradition and official policies. “The food inside Disney is overpriced and awful! I can’t change the rule, but I can choose not to go,” one netizen commented…Full Article: The Global Times Nov 2017

Key Point

  • The cheapest dining option for a single visitor in Shanghai Disneyland are hot dogs and soda for roughly CNY 100 (USD 15.09) per day. However, a family of four dining at a Disney restaurant would have to spend roughly CNY 1,000, which equals ~15% of the average monthly salary of a Shanghai resident (as of 2016).

ChinaAg Comment

  • In May 2016, an average meal at Disneyland Shanghai cost approximately CNY 72 (~USD 11.00), while a cup of coffee cost approximately USD 5.00. Entrance tickets range from CNY 370 (USD 57.00) for off-peak times to CNY 499 (USD 76.00) for peak times. During the same month, the Beijing Youth Daily (newspaper of the Communist Youth League of China) stated that Disneyland Shanghai should lower their food prices to meet the demands of low to middle income patrons.

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