The first batch of home-grown avocados from a farm in southwest China’s Yunnan Province are to be harvested, the grower said. The 500 hectares avocado farm, located in city of Pu’er, is one of the largest in China. The total output of avocados is estimated at 200 tonnes this year, said Qi Jiazhu, chairman of the board of the Greenbank Avocado Company, the farm investor…Full Article: Xinhua Nov 2017

Key Point

  • According to the Greenbank Avocado Company, the most suitable location in China to grow avocados is in Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County, southern Yunnan Province (bordering Myanmar). In 2018, the county is forecasted to harvest 2,000 MTs of avocados. By 2025, the county hopes to have 6,670 hectares of avocados under cultivation.

ChinaAg Comment

  • Around 2013, Greenbank Avocado Company teamed up Israeli advisors to develop Yunnan Province’s avocado industry. Hass avocados were the first variety planted and should have a Yunnan harvest season that runs from September to February.

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