The autumn fishing moratorium on two China-Russia border rivers, the Heilong (known as the Amur in Russia) and its tributary the Wusuli, started on Sunday [29 September 2017]. October is the spawning season for salmon, which migrates from the Pacific Ocean to spawn. The two rivers are the major birthplace of salmon in China…Full Article: Xinhua Oct 2017

Key Point

  • The joint Sino-Russian fishing moratorium along the Amur River encompasses 55 days per year, including 20 days during the autumn.

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  • In October 2019, according to an official from the Heilongjiang Traffic Department, a CNY 2.47 billion (~US$355 million) highway bridge connecting China and Russia over the Heilongjiang River is supposed to open.
  • In April 2016, Jilin Province released more than 800,000 salmon fry (e.g. Chum salmon or dog salmon) and 500 other fish fry species into the Tumen River. Over the past five years, Jilin Province has released 2.3 million salmon fry, 3.4 million juvenile crabs, and 270,000 other fish species into the Tumen River.

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