Hong Kong authorities on Thursday [21 September 2017] suspended meat imports from a Brazilian exporter and two producers on suspicions that health certificates had been falsified for 10 shipments of frozen chicken feet and livestock offal. Some shipments should have only been intended as pet food, Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety said in a statement on its website…Full Article: China Daily Sept 2017

Key Point

  • Of the 10 shipments suspected by Hong Kong authorities of having falsified documents, eight were re-exported to mainland China or Vietnam, while one shipment was held in a container terminal. The remaining shipment, 27 MTs of frozen chicken feet, was reportedly sold to a local buyer.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In March 2017, after a two year investigation, Brazil’s Federal Police stated that BRF S.A. (formerly Brasil Foods), JBS S.A., and dozens of smaller meatpacking companies violated food safety regulations (i.e. masking rotten meat with chemicals, falsifying expiration dates, injecting water in poultry meat), and bribed food inspectors and export officials. As a result, mainland China temporarily suspended imports while Hong Kong issued a product recall. Additionally, the Brazilian government imposed a temporary export ban on 21 meatpacking factories. Hong Kong noted that it had issued import licenses to six of the 21 factories and has since instituted a recall on those products.

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