The Peninsula hotel has become the latest brand to fall victim to counterfeiters as more than 200 boxes of mini-egg custard mooncakes bearing its forged trademark were confiscated by Hong Kong customs on Thursday [14 September 2017]. A genuine box of the mooncakes described as a “bestseller” and marked with “Sold Out” retailed for HK$338 [~USD 43.25] on The Peninsula Hotels website, but the fakes were priced at HK$368 in a Sheung Shui shop and sold for HK$310 per box on the internet…Full Article: South China Morning Post Sept 2017

Key Point

  • Hong Kong customs officers seized 213 boxes of the fake brand-name mooncakes with an estimated market value of HK$66,000 [~USD 8,450].

ChinaAg Comment

  • Mooncakes are thick round pastries that are served as a gift during Mid-Autumn Festival (i.e. September or October). In general, the pastries are filled with red bean or lotus paste. Its closest Western analogue would be fruitcake.

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