Zoomlion (000157.SZ) has focused on developing Chinese-patent powered gear shift tractor for 4 years. The new product boasts 80AMT, GPS, automatic navigation, which can be operated by pressing one button. It is popular in China, Russia and Southeast Asian countries…Full Article: Anhui News Aug 2017

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  • As of 2017, there were 17 agricultural equipment manufactures located in the Wuhu Modern Agriculture Development Zone, Anhui Province.

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  • In March 2017, an agricultural official for Harbin (Heilongjiang Province) led a Chinese delegation to Belarus. The delegation was interested in working with Belarus on agricultural projects related to harvesting machinery for wheat, rice, and potatoes. This includes continuing cooperation with Belarus’ Gomselmash (farming machinery company) and expanding ties with Belarus’ Spartak (chocolate) candy company. For instance, a joint venture between Gomselmash and China’s Zoomlion may be established, while Spartak candies have been certified (as of March 2017) for sale in eight Chinese provinces.
  • Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development (SHE:000157) (HKG:1157) is an engineering equipment manufacturer whose product line includes mobile cranes, cement trucks, forklifts, earth-moving machinery, fire fighting vehicles, tractors, irrigation machinery, UAV agricultural drones, harvesters, and tillers.

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