Chinese farming experts have started here a 10-day training program for Benin’s gardeners, farmers, poultry producers and technical supervision officials. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the pilot center for Chinese farming techniques in Benin and Benin’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery are joint organizers of the training program…Full Article: Xinhua Aug 2017

Key Point

  • According to a representative of Benin’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery, China has invested in maize and vegetable cultivation in Benin.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In July 2016, China donated USD 2.24 million worth of agricultural machinery and equipment to the Benin including wheeled tractors, trailers, ploughs, rice mills, and maize mills.
  • In 2009, the China National Agricultural Development Group began construction of an agricultural (i.e. corn and vegetables) demonstration center in Benin.
  • In November 1964, Benin and China established diplomatic relations, but in January 1966 Benin broke ties in favor of resuming relations with Taiwan in April 1966. However, in December 1972, Benin broke with Taiwan and restored ties with China.

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