The Egyptian authorities said on Thursday [13 July 2017] that China has agreed to import grapes from Egypt after two years of intense negotiations. The announcement was made by the Egyptian Agriculture Export Council in a press release…Full Article: China Daily July 2017

Key Point

  • Trade negotiations are ongoing for other Egyptian agricultural goods.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In September 2016, Egypt and China were expected to sign an agreement that would permit Egyptian exports of grapes and fodder beets to Beijing. Egypt also expressed interest in exporting strawberries, mangoes, beans, and onions to China.
  • From 2014 to 2015, mainland China imports of Egyptian oranges increased from 5,155 MTs to 20,484 MTs. In Hong Kong, imports of Egyptian oranges increased from 10,642 MTs to 21,561 MTs over the same time period. The next largest citrus import of significance was grapefruit. In 2015, mainland China imported 678 MTs of Egyptian grapefruit.

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