Foshan Dingliang aims to be a key player after sending its first batch of seedlings to the competitive U.S. marketplace. Weng Minqiang has to get the temperature and humidity just right for his butterfly orchid seedlings. Environmental conditions inside his greenhouse complex in Foshan’s Shunde district of Guangdong province are crucial to meet export regulations in the United States…Full Article: June 2017

Key Point

  • In June 2017, Guangdong Province’s Foshan Dingliang Phalaenopsis Industry Development exported (by sea) 10,000 butterfly orchid seedlings to the USA. A month prior, the company exported 1,000 butterfly orchid plants to Canada. The company is one of 11 that have been granted export approval by the USA. Prior to this, only Taiwan exported butterfly orchids to the USA.

ChinaAg Comment

  • USA approved Chinese exporters of orchids (Phalaenopsis spp.) include Changzhou Shihua Flower Technology (Jiangsu Province), Huaian Huangda Flowers (Jiangsu Province), Lianyungang Chinese Dutch Flowers (Jiangsu Province), Foshan Dingliang Phalaenopsis Industry Development (Guangdong Province), Foshan Meiqing Flower Horticulture Company (Guangdong Province), Goldlines Orchid Industrial Development (Hainan Island), Qingdao Changming Flower Technology (Shandong Province), Taian Sanyi Biology Technique (Shandong Province), Xiamen Panport Flora (Fujian Province), Zhangzhou Jiuh-Bao Biotechnology (Fujian Province), and Zhangzhou Xin Zhenyu Biological and Technology (Fujian Province).

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