Duong Cong Minh, chair of Vietnam Macadamia, said Vietnam would have 30 million macadamia plants in the next 10 years which would provide 350,000-400,000 tons, worth $1 billion. Vietnam plans to build 30 macadamia nut preliminary processing and eight large-scale processing plants. The Vietnam Macadamia Association would also cooperate with international associations to develop the macadamia industry in Vietnam…Full Article: Vietnam.net May 2017

Key Point

  • In Vietnam, macadamia cultivation can only occur in the Central Highland region [southern Vietnam, primarily bordering Cambodia] and in the northwest. In total, approximately 100,000 hectares of land is suitable for macadamia production.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In 2016, China’s macadamia production was estimated at 6,000 MTs. Yunnan Province is the top producer, with some cultivation also taking place in Sichuan Province, Guangdong Province, and Guangxi Region. As of 2014, approximately 70% to 80% (~6 million trees) of China’s macadamia production took place in Yunnan Province.
  • From 2012 to 2016, China’s (including Hong Kong) imports of macadamias (in-shell) increased from 17,086 MTs to 26,770 MTs, while imports of kernels rose from 2,124 MTs to 3,261 MTs. South African and Australia were the primary suppliers. The bulk of Chinese these imports were imported by Hong Kong and re-exported to Vietnam where they were repackaged and shipped into mainland China.

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