The number of convenience stores in China is approaching 100,000, generating more than 130 billion yuan ($18.8 billion) in sales in 2016. To survive the fierce competition, operators of convenience stores should pay more attention to improving their product experience, increase self-owned brands, expand business scope, digitalize their service and optimize the supply chain, said experts…Full Article: May 2017

Key Point

  • From 2015 to 2016, according to the Boston Consulting Group, Chinese convenience stores’ revenue increased from CNY 118.1 billion to CNY 133.4 billion (or by 13%), while the number of stores rose from 91,000 to 98,000 (or by 9%).

ChinaAg Comments

  • Major convenience store chains in China include 7-Eleven (Japan), FamilyMart (Japan), Lawson (Japan), Ministop (Japan), Shanghai Kedi Convenience Store (China), Shanghai Lianhua Quik Convenience Stores (China), Suguo Supermarket (China), Alldays (aka 好德, China), and Buddies (aka 良友, China).
  • In 2011, Shanghai had approximately 7,000 convenience stores (most in mainland China).

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