The strictest-ever annual fishing ban in China started to take effect from Monday [1 May 2017] nationwide, a move to preserve marine environment as the country’s coast depletes. Experts said the moratorium will also contribute to environmental sustainability…Full Article: May 2017

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  • In January 2017, China expanded the scope of its seasonal fishing ban. The ban now includes the waters in the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea, and the areas located 12 degrees north latitude of the South China Sea. The ban will also not be lifted until September 1st and 16th depending on the area.

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  • In January 2017, China announced plans to reduce its marine fish catch to less than 10 million MTs by 2020. From 2016 to 2020, China will reportedly allocate CNY 7.5 billion (~US$1.1 billion) to subsidize fishermen and promote non-marine fishing (i.e. fish farming and recreational fishing).
  • In August 2016, China’s Minister of Agriculture announced it would curtail its fishing fleet owing to overfishing. According to the minister, China typically catches 8 million to 9 million MTs of fish per year, but catches have totaled approximately 13 million MTs over the past few years. Additionally, in rivers, China’s top four fish species have seen their egg laying decrease from 30 billion to under 1 billion. Accordingly, China has issued recommendations that Hainan Island maintain its current fishing fleet size, while certain other provinces decrease their fleet size by 3%.
  • In August 2015, a three-month long seasonal fishing ban was lifted. The seasonal ban is imposed annually in waters located due south of 26.5 degrees north latitude (i.e. Fujian, Guangdong, etc.).
  • The Pearl River has had seasonal fishing bans since 2011, while the Yangtze River area has been under a seasonal ban since 2002. The Pearl River ban affects ~115,000 fishermen as the river (China’s third-longest) runs more than 5,300 km and has over 1,300 sq. km of lakes.

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