ThaiFarmFresh (TFF) is a brand of Novana Limited from Thailand.  The exclusive distributor of the brand in China is Zhenjiang Harvest Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Harvest Season Group…Full Article: Fresh Plaza April 2017

Key Point

  • In March 2017, Thailand’s ThaiFarmFresh (TFF) and China’s Harvest Season Group signed a MoU on suppling fresh-cut (packaged, extended shelf-life of 15 days) durian fruit at the Thai consulate in Shanghai.

ChinaAg Comments

  • Thailand primarily supplies ‘Golden Pillow’ (aka Monthong) durian to the Chinese market
  • Grown throughout Southeast Asia where it is known as the “king of fruits”, durian was the number one re-exported fruit in terms of total volumes. In 2014, Hong Kong imported ~358,200 MTs of durian and exported ~332,500 MTs, meaning roughly 93% of all imports were shipped to mainland China. When considering all shipment volumes from 2010 to 2014, Hong Kong re-exported 89% of all imports on average. Equally as impressive is that Thailand had a near monopoly on the Hong Kong durian trade. Thai supply has steadily increased over time, denoting healthy market growth. In 2014, Hong Kong’s durian imports totaled just under US$280 million.

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