Oishi, the snack-food giant from the Philippines, has come to value China as a center of new technology to spur further growth in its business, as the market has become an ever more sophisticated and international one. However, Larry Chan, head of China operations for Liwayway Group, the company behind Oishi snacks, said he still sees a sense of hesitance and caution among Filipino entrepreneurs when it comes to investing in China, despite the potential in the market…Full Article: China Daily Mar 2017

Key Points

  • In 1993, Oishi (aka Liwayway Holdings) established its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai. As of early 2017, the company had 16 snack factories in China that manufactured more than 150 products.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In February 2016, Oishi (Liwayway Holdings) acquired Spain’s Cola Cao (chocolate drink beverage) business in China.
  • From 1999 to 2003, Oishi built snack factories in Harbin (1999), Kunming (2000), Suzhou (2001), Zhengzhou (2002), and Xuzhou (2003). Apart from China and the Philippines, the company also has factories in Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

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