China has completely stopped commercial logging in forests, according to the State Forestry Administration (SFA). Prior to the nationwide ban for business purposes, China had banned all commercial logging in natural forests in key forest zones, including those in Northeast China’s Jilin Province and North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2015, followed by a further prohibition of commercial logging in State-owned plantations in 2016, the China News Service reported on Wednesday [15 March 2017]…Full Article: The Global Times Mar 2017

Key Points

  • By 2020, according to the Director of the Department of Development, Planning and Finance of the State Forestry Administration, China will annually need 700 million cubic meters of timber.
  • China annually logs approximately 49.94 million cubic meters of timber from natural forests. To bolster its timber reserves, China plans to establish 20 national forest reserves in seven key regions. It is hoped that by 2030, China will reduce its reliance on timber imports to less than 30%.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In March 2015, China announced it would halt commercial logging of natural forests in key areas by 2020. As of March 2015, China had 4,855 state forest farms non-cultivated land. In addition, China had approximately 87 “key forest zones” that produce logs.
  • In April 2014, China banned commercial logging of Heilongjiang’s natural forests in order to protect the environment and encourage sustainable forests. As of 2014, Heilongjiang had 18.5 million hectares of (state-owned) forests.

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