Kenya’s mango farmers will soon be able to export their produce to China to prevent a price slump amid abundant harvest, a chamber of commerce official said Saturday [25 February 2017]. Chairman of Kenya Chinese Chamber of Commerce Zhuo Wu said during the Chinese Mango Festival held in Nairobi that they will soon start exporting Kenyan-grown mangoes to China in order to boost local farmers’ income…Full Article: Feb 2017

Key Point

  • An East African Legislative Assembly Member Of Parliament from Kenya noted that China bought the mangoes at nearly three times the market price. He also expressed his support of Chinese investors to build factories in Kenya’s mango growing regions.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In May 2014, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang expressed support for Kenya’s farming sector noting that Chinese companies will invest in developing agricultural technology in Kenya.
  • In March 2013 it was announced that China would allocate Sh12.6 billion [US$150 million] to boost to rice production on 10,000 hectares of Kenyan farmland.

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