In response to the sales stagnation of pineapples in Wanning [southeastern Hainan Island], officials have launched the ‘Wanning city 2017 Pineapple Distribution Emergency Subsidy Plan’. It gives a transport subsidy of 120 RMB [~US$17.45] per ton to distribution companies that purchase pineapples at Wanning city…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Feb 2017

Key Point

  • According to the Director of the Longgun Pineapple Association [north of Wanning], pineapple farmers typically earn CNY 150,000 [~US$21,800] per hectare, but have only earned CNY 30,000 [~US$4,360] per ha this year.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In May 2016, Xuwen County (located directly across Hainan Island in Guangdong Province) reported declining prices owing to poor climatic conditions (cold weather, heavy rain) that shortened the harvest period and decreased the Brix count of the fruit.
  • In 2014, China’s top pineapple producers were Guangdong Province with 917,600 MTs of output, followed by Hainan Island at 373,100 MTs, and Yunnan Province at 68,500 MTs. Other smaller pineapple producers (under 40,000 MTs) included Guangxi Region and Fujian Province.
  • From 2010 to 2014, according to China, Chinese pineapple production increased from approximately 1.49 million MTs to 1.88 million MTs.
  • In 2013, China and Malaysia signed a trade agreement that would allow Malaysia to export one 40-foot container (~20 MTs) of MD2 pineapples per month. However, shipments were delayed and are scheduled to begin in March 2017.

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