The planned new air route linking Guangzhou and Mexico City is anticipated to enhance trade and travel between South China and the Latin American country. China Southern Airlines plans to launch the Guangzhou-Vancouver-Mexico City route in May [2017], flying Boeing 787 Dreamliners three times a week, said the Guangzhou-based carrier…Full Article: China Daily Jan 2017

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  • Popular Mexican agricultural exports to China includes avocados, nuts, raspberries, blackberries, abalone, lobster, beef, and pork. Mexico hopes to secure export agreements on infant formula, blueberries, bananas, and mangoes going forward.

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  • In early 2016, a Chinese trade mission representing 14 companies visited the northern Mexican nut producing states of Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Durango. In 2015, a Mexican agricultural delegation visited China.  As a result of these meetings, Mexico and China signed various agreements, including one that temporarily lowered the Chinese import tariffs on Mexican pecans from 25% to 10%.
  • In January 2016, Mexico reported difficulties in exporting agricultural goods via air freight to Henan Province.  At the time, the Mexican States of Guadalajara and Jalisco had not successfully established direct air routes with Henan Province. These two Mexican regions were instead shipping to China via Chicago, Alaska, and Hong Kong.
  • In March 2015, Mexico and Henan Province signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch direct flights between Guadalajara, Jalisco and Henan. Mexico intended to export melons, papayas, avocados, berries, and other fresh produce to China.
  • In January 2015, Mexican berry producers from Jalisco and Michoacan were preparing to export raspberries and blackberries to China.
  • In November 2013, it was announced that Chinese technicians would visit Mexico to assess the country’s production, packing and food-safety operations of its blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.
  • In October 2013, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific airlines launched direct cargo flights from Guadalajara to Hong Kong.
  • In April 2012, China granted approval to five Mexican companies to export pork to the mainland.

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