Over 1,500 tea merchants together completed transactions worth 500 million yuan [~US$74.95 million] during the four day 8th Hunan tea industry exposition which closed on Monday [5 September 2016]. Orders signed during the exposition totaled 2 billion yuan [~US$299 million], reaching the record of the exposition history…Full Article: Xinhua Finance Sept 2016

Key Point

  • By 2020, Hunan Province hopes to have 300 hectares of fine tea plantations.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In 2013, Fujian Province led China in tea production and produced 346,989 MTs of tea (18% of China’s total tea output). Hunan Province produced 146,031 MTs of tea or 8% of China’s total output.
  • In China, tea production is relatively dispersed but typically follows the area around the Yangtze River. In 2011, Fujian province produced 295,976 MTs, Yunnan (238,337 MTs), Sichuan (186,207 MTs), Hubei (184,165 MTs), Zhejiang (169,724 MTs), while all the remaining provinces produced 548,788 MTs.

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