Chile is looking to boost its cranberry exports to China, according to the country’s ambassador to Beijing, Jorge Heine. “Cranberries have been one of the great successes of our fruit exports,” Heine wrote in a recent article headlined “Betting on our Super Fruit in China.”…Full Article: Sept 2016

Key Points

  • As of 2016, Chile produces approximately 90,000 MTs of cranberries per year on ~30,000 hectares of land.
  • In 2012, Chile began exporting cranberries to China.
  • During the 1980s, Chile began planting cranberry shrubs that were brought over from New Zealand.

ChinaAg Comments

  • Global cranberry production totals approximately 500,000 metric tons per year. Cranberry production primarily takes places in the US states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington, as well as in Canada (e.g. British Columbia and Quebec) and Chile.
  • In 2014, according to the executive director of the Cranberry Marketing Committee USA (CMC), China imported approximately 58,000 barrels (~2,722 MTs) of frozen cranberries.

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