China will further integrate information technology into agriculture in the next five years to increase productivity and efficiency, according to the country’s agriculture watchdog. The government aims to further improve intelligent management in planting, cultivation and machinery and the use of Internet of Things (IOT) will cover 17 percent of the agriculture sector, according to a five-year blueprint released by the Ministry of Agriculture…Full Article: Xinhua Sept 2016

Key Points

  • By 2020, China hopes that e-commerce/online sales of agricultural goods will account for 8% of total sales by volume.
  • China will reportedly launch IOT pilot projects in 10 provinces.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In December 2015, an IOT alliance of companies, led by Daxiangshan Group, was launched in Henan Province.
  • In January 2014, China’s Vice Minister of Agriculture launched Internet of Things (IOT) pilot projects in the municipalities of Tianjin and Shanghai, as well as in Anhui Province. In Tianjin, the IOT pilot project focus on milk production monitoring, poultry production monitoring, and climate control in greenhouses.

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