After Shanghai Disneyland Resort began its trial opening on May 7, some of the visitors complained online about the high food prices inside the theme park. Are the high prices for food inside the Shanghai Disneyland Resort fair? Answers vary. Beijing News commented that as long as the theme park neither cheats visitors nor forces people to consume the food, people can choose whether or not to buy…Full Article: May 2016

Key Point

  • Beijing Youth Daily, the newspaper of the Communist Youth League of China, stated that Disneyland Shanghai should lower their food prices to meet the demands of low to middle income patrons.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In May 2016, an average meal at Disneyland Shanghai cost approximately CNY 72 (~US$11), while a cup of coffee cost approximately US$5.00. Entrance tickets range from CNY 370 (US$57) for off-peak times to CNY 499 (US$76) for peak times.

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