According to Mustafa Satici, the chairman of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Union (BAIB) if the outcome of talks with Chinese companies are positive, Turkey could become the world’s number one fruit and vegetable exporter. As a result of the breakdown in relations with Russia, Turkey has been looking at alternative markets, and has hence held meetings with several Chinese companies…Full Article: Fresh Plaza May 2016 

Key Points

  • The Chairman of Beijing’s Xinfadi Agricultural Products Market expressed interest in importing Turkish cherries.
  • Pending phytosanitary approval, China may import Turkish cherries, lemons, pomegranates, nuts, dried figs and dried apricots in the future.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In late November 2015, Russian banned imports of certain Turkish fruits and vegetables over the downing of a Russian jet. In May 2016, Russia announced plans to ban remaining Turkish fresh produce imports including squash, grapefruit, and lemons.
  • Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Beijing, Xinfadi is Beijing’s largest wholesaler of agricultural products including fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. The company’s wholesale markets are primarily located in southern Beijing and are used to supply the capital city. As of mid-2016, Xinfadi imported agricultural goods from 30 different countries.
  • Headquartered in Antalya, Turkey, West Mediterranean Exporters Association is a trade association that focuses on textiles, confectionary products, leather, fruits (fresh and dried), vegetables, cereals, livestock, timber, olive oil, tobacco, hazelnuts, ornamentals, and non-agriculture related products.

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