New Zealand’s meat producers will be looking forward to a boost in exports to China after the two countries signed a formal arrangement on the supply of halal meat, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy said Tuesday [19 April 2016]. New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries and the China Certification and Accreditation Administration co-signed a new Halal Arrangement in Beijing Monday, under which China would recognize New Zealand’s halal regulation and certification regime for halal goods exported to China, said Guy…Full Article: Xinhua Apr 2016

Key Point

  • From January to September 2015, New Zealand exported 77,672 MTs of halal certified meat (~33% of all halal meat exports) to China.

ChinaAg Comments

  • Halal (‘permissible’ in Arabic) meat is a meat products that has been slaughtered/produced in accordance with Islamic law. This typically means the ritualistic (Dhabihah) slaughtering of livestock.
  • China has an estimated Islamic population of 24 to 25 million people, with western China (Xinjiang Region, Qinghai Province, Gansu Province, and Ningxia Region) holding a large share.

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