Creating a system to trace the entire process of food and agricultural products going from field to table will be an effective way to solve the food safety problem in China, Zheng Xinli, chairman of Zhejiang Evoture Net Technology Co Ltd said. China’s new food security law took effect on October 1 last year, emphasizing the importance of detection, traceability and anti-counterfeiting technologies and pushing to establish a food quality traceability system…Full Article: China Daily Mar 2016

Key Points

  • By 2020, China plans to have all food products traceable (from farm to fork).
  • Founded in 2004, Zhejiang Evoture Net Technology is currently (as of 2016) working with Israel’s Visualead (software company) to launch a new food tracing system using QR (Quick Response) codes that are branded with an image or company slogan.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In March 2013, Carrefour stores in Shanghai launched a traceability program using QR codes to allow customers to trace the origin of agricultural products such as carrots, strawberries, and green vegetables.

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