Spanish diplomatic authorities on Thursday [17 March 2016] confirmed that a 20-ton shipment of lemons and oranges destroyed two days earlier by Chinese authorities did not meet export requirements. These same sources added that they green-lighted a decision not to allow the citrus fruit shipment into the Asian market. On March 11, China’s quality-control agency notified Spanish authorities about the arrival of a “suspect” shipment. After checking for official documentation and failing to find any, the cargo was deemed illegal, and authorities even questioned whether it really came from Spain as claimed…Full Article: El Pais Mar 2016

Key Points

  • China and Spain are currently negotiating trade and safety requirements for Spanish grapes, prunes, and peaches.
  • In 2014, Spain began exporting citrus directly to mainland China.
  • In 2007, Spain was granted permission to export citrus to China after meeting pest and disease standards.

ChinaAg Comments

  • From 2014 to 2015, Spanish exports of oranges to mainland China increased from 1,120 MTs to 3,150 MTs. Equivalent exports to Hong Kong increased 1,386 MTs to 2,105 MTs. At the same time, Spanish exports of grapefruit to mainland China increased from 170 MTs to 301 MTs. Lastly, Spanish exports of lemons/limes to mainland China increased 67 MTs to 223 MTs, while shipments to Hong Kong decreased from 1,245 MTs to 1,143 MTs.
  • Prior to 2014, Spanish citrus exports were primarily shipped to Hong Kong as opposed to mainland China.

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