China has set a yearend deadline for Cambodia to submit a list of all Cambodian rice exporters so that Chinese inspectors can evaluate whether they can fully meet food safety laws in a market Cambodian exporters are hoping to increase exports to, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Agriculture. It called on domestic rice exporters to cooperate with ministry officials by providing contact information by December 18…Full Article: Khmer Times Dec 2015

Key Point

  • China is reportedly concerned that not all of the 71 registered Cambodian rice exporters meet its quality control and hygienic standards.
  • From January to November 2015, China imported approximately 91,800 MTs of Cambodian rice.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In December 2014, Chinese and Cambodian companies reach numerous agricultural agreements. The deals included China purchasing 200,000 MTs of cassava chips (~US49 million) and 30,000 MTs of milled rice from Cambodia’s Mekong Oryza Trading company. In addition, China’s Fuzhou Newgroup Industry agreed to distribute beer from Cambodia’s Khmer Brewery Ltd. (for one year) throughout the mainland.
  • In 2014, mainland China imported more than 40,300 MTs of Cambodian rice, while Hong Kong imported more than 1,500 MTs.
  • In 2013, mainland China and Hong Kong imported 22,429 MTs of Cambodian rice.

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