The Australian Macadamia Society said it was confident of its growing presence in China and increasing the export of macadamia nuts to China through a series of marketing activities. On November 24, a million dollar “Australian Macadamias” marketing campaign was launched. It was the first “Australian Macadamias” campaign in China and represented one of the biggest investments the Australian macadamia industry has ever made in an offshore market…Full Article: Nov 2015

Key Points

  • The Australian Macadamia Society and the Yunnan Macadamia Society has signed a Memorandum of Understanding.  Through the agreement, Australia intends to provide technical assistance on cultivating macadamias in Yunnan.
  • Australia hopes to market macadamias via, an e-commerce site.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In 2014, Hong Kong imported 20,120 MTs of in-shell macadamia nuts and 1,158 MTs of shelled macadamias. The top suppliers of in-shell macadamias were South Africa (13,156 MTs of 65%) and Australia (3,667 MTs or 18%). At the same time, mainland China imported 8,443 MTs of in-shell macadamias (primarily from Australia which accounted for 67% of all imports) and 1,859 MTs of shelled macadamias (also mostly from Australia which accounted for 84% of all imports).
  • As of 2014, approximately 70% to 80% (~6 million trees) of China’s macadamia production took place in Yunnan Province.
  • China is a fast growing market for macadamias, rivaling the EU and USA, which have been relatively stagnant markets. In general, China prefers importing macadamias in-shell as opposed to kernels.

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