A cloned, genetically modified cow has given birth to a healthy calf in China, a crucial step toward producing domestic marbled beef. Ni Hemin, who led the research at Beijing University of Agriculture, said the heifer was healthy half a month after its birth on August 28. The calf’s mother, Niu Niu, is one of two clones born in 2012 with a gene inserted to increase the fat level of their muscle…Full Article: Xinhua Sept 2015

Key Point

  • The cloned GM cow was born in 2012 and was modified to include gene that produces increased fat within the muscle (e.g. marbled beef).

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 1990, the world’s first GM cow was produced. The cow, Herman the Bull, was modified to include a human gene (lactoferrin) so that its female descendants (heifers) would produce a human milk protein. The experiment was not a commercial success.

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