China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced Friday [28 August 2015] it will continue to impose anti-subsidy duties on U.S. white-feathered broiler chickens while a new investigation is under way. China began to levy anti-subsidy duties on chicken imported from the United States in September 2010, claiming that the products were subsidized and unloaded onto the Chinese market at a price less than the fair value…Full Article: Xinhua Aug 2015

Key Point

  • In June 2015, China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) asked the Ministry of Commerce to extend anti-subsidy duties on American broilers. Consequently, China will extend the duties for another year (expiration on 29 August 2016).

ChinaAg Comment

  • In February 2010, China’s Ministry of Commerce introduced anti-dumping duties on US poultry products that ranged from 43.1% to 105.4% depending on the supplier and their level of cooperation during an anti-dumping investigation. In September 2010, China increased the minimum duty from 43.1% to 50.3%.

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