During a meeting with Lithuania’s Deputy Economy Minister Rasa Noreikiene, representatives of China said that they see Lithuania’s potential in the areas of logistics, high technologies, and agriculture, however, according to them, Lithuania is too small a country for local companies to try to penetrate the Chinese market separately, thus, cooperation of companies is very important…Full Article: The Baltic Course July 2015

Key Points

  • The Chinese lead representative expressed interest in potential Lithuanian-Chinese joint ventures.
  • Lithuanian agricultural exports to China are minimal but the Baltic country does supply frozen blueberries, whey powder, wheat starch, alcoholic beverages, as well as rice and corn products.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In June 2015, 11 Latvian fish processing companies were granted approval by China’s Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) to export their product. The move came on the heels of a Russian embargo over alleged food safety concerns.

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