With China’s seafood industry no longer enjoying a “golden era” amid soaring labor costs and shrinking demand from overseas countries, many seafood producers are keen to upgrade their products, according to industry experts. “The golden age for the development of the seafood industry has already passed, and we are now in a period of stable growth,” said Eric Wang, president of Asian Seafoods (ZhanJiang) Co, a major supplier of aquatic products for supermarket chains including Walmart and Parkson Retail Group…Full Article: China Daily July 2015

Key Points

  • Asian Seafoods (ZhanJiang) has two factories. One is based in Guangdong and is used primarily for exports, while its other factory in Zhejiang is primarily used to supply mainland China. The latter factory is now transitioning to producing value-added seafood products.
  • According to the President of Asian Seafoods, the “golden age” for the China’s seafood industry occurred between 1999 and 2008.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In March 2015, the mayor of Zhanjiang announced plans to expand Zhanjiang’s port handling capacity as part of Maritime Silk Road growth projects.
  • In 2013, China produced 26.4 million MTs of freshwater fish and 11.1 million MTs of saltwater fish. Guangdong accounted for 3.3 million MTs or 13% (second highest) of China’s freshwater fish and 1.5 million MTs or 14% of its saltwater fish (fourth highest). In comparison to Guangdong, Zhejiang was a much smaller producer of freshwater fish (704,274 MTs), but was China’s largest producer of saltwater fish at 2.5 million MTs or 22% of its total output.
  • In 2013, China produced 3.6 million MTs of saltwater shrimps, prawns, and crabs, as well as 2.7 million MTs of freshwater shrimps, prawns, and crabs. Zhejiang (980,348 MTs) and Guangdong (663,193 MTs) were the first and second largest producers of saltwater shrimps, prawns, and crabs.  Jiangsu was the largest producer of freshwater saltwater shrimps, prawns, and crabs.
  • Established in 2002 and headquartered in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, Asian Seafoods (ZhanJiang) is a joint venture between Shandong Wang’s Brothers Aquatic Co., Ltd. and a Thai company. As of mid-2015, ZhanJiang had an annual aquaculture production capacity of 20,000 MTs and a cold storage capacity of 5,000 MTs. Its products include Whiteleg shrimp, tilapia, salt water shrimp, black Tiger shrimp, Red shrimp, breaded shrimp, breaded tilapia fillet, and cooked shrimp cocktail.

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