A Chinese provincial government is to ‘restructure’ the island’s agricultural sector in order to foster opportunities for substantial future growth. The Hainan Government held a symposium on June 22-25 where it announced various plans focused on developing 12 new industries, including tropical produce and e-commerce…Full Article: Fresh Fruit Portal July 2015

Key Point

  • According to the plan, the Hainan government will transition some sugar cane and rice paddy land to the production of coffee, cashews, tea, oils, and other tropical crops.  In total, Hainan plans to upgrade ~77,335 hectares of vegetables, ~6,669 ha of apples, ~6,669 ha of red pomelos, ~3,330 of dragon fruit, 1,335 ha of rambutans, and 1,335 ha of mangosteens.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2013, Hainan produced 4.4 million MTs of sugar cane, 2 million MTs of bananas, 1.5 million MTs of rice, 62,485 MTs of citrus, and 1,028 MTs of tea.

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