Backers of GMO corn are pushing for security certification from Chinese government authorities. If approved, GMO corn could be industrially planted in as little as three years, according to the financial and business website Wang Guoying, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said at a seminar on Wednesday [24 June 2015] it will be at least three to five years before the industrial planting of GMO corn is realized…Full Article: China Daily June 2015

Key Point

  • In 2012, insect pests caused CNY 2 billion (~US$316 million) in losses across 50 million mu (~3.33 million ha) of farmland in northeast China.
  • Four companies are working with China’s Ministry of Agriculture to seek approval for the commercialization of GM corn.

ChinaAg Comment

  • As of early 2015, China has only approved the commercialization of a handful of genetically modified (GM) plants. These include GM poplar trees, petunias, cotton, papayas, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. As a rule, approvals for commercialization are only granted on a provincial/regional basis (i.e. not country-wide) and only after a long screening process. In 2009, two varieties of GM rice and one variety of GM corn (all developed in China) received “GM organism safety certification” as a possible precursor to commercialization. In mid-2014, this certification was allowed to expire amid poor public support for GM crops. However, the certification for both rice varieties were reinstated in January 2015. For a complete background of China’s GMO approval process, please visit:

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