Longstanding fears over food safety standards on the mainland – including frequent reports of residue left on domestic fruit after the excessive use of pesticides and swelling and ripening agents – have led to a craze among China’s growing middle class for imported prime fruits in recent years. Avocados shipped in from Mexico were now the fastest increasing item, said Mabel Zhuang, China consultant of the global fresh produce trade organisation, Produce Marketing Association…Full Article: SCMP June 2015

Key Points

  • According to the report, Chinese imports of avocadoes have increased 400% annually over the past three years. In comparison to last year, imports of lemons/limes have increased 300%, while imports of blueberries and bananas have increased 160% and 140%, respectively.
  • Based in Shenzhen, Pagoda supermarkets are expanding rapidly in Shanghai and stated that roughly 50% of their fruits are imported from abroad.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In July 2014, Chilean avocados were granted permission to be exported to mainland China. At the same time, Peru was seeking approval to export avocados (Hass variety) to China.
  • The majority of China’s avocado imports enter via Hong Kong, with mainland China appearing as a market of significance only in 2013. In 2013, Hong Kong imported 2,597 MTs worth of avocadoes (primarily from Peru, USA, Chile, and Mexico), while mainland China imported 1,498 MTs worth of avocadoes (nearly all from Mexico). South Africa is generally a major avocado supplier to Hong Kong, but exports declined in 2013.

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