China’s Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday [27 May 2015] published a guideline on achieving “zero discharge” of agricultural waste by 2030. The guideline also set targets on agricultural science and mechanization. China must guarantee to maintain the basic farmland at a level of no less than 1.56 billion mu (about 104 million hectares) by 2020, said the guideline…Full Article: May 2015

Key Points

  • China hopes to limit its water usage for irrigation to 372 billion cubic meters annually, but at the same time increase its coverage irrigation. The increased utilization couple with a cap on water volume will be achieved by increasing utilization efficiency. As of 2015, China needs 1 cubic meter of water to produce 1 kg of grain, which is below the average of 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg for developed nations.
  • In 2008, forest covered roughly 20.4% of China. China hopes to raise this percentage to 23% by 2020.

ChinaAg Comments

  • On average, China uses approximately 372 billion cubic meters of irrigation water annually.
  • According to China’s Minister of Agriculture, by 2020, the country’s demand for grains will reach 700 million MTs. In general, the country has the stated goal of cultivating at least 120 million hectares of farmland (~106 million ha must be grains).
  • In 2013, China had 63.4 million hectares of farm land under irrigation and utilized a total of 59.1 million MTs of fertilizers, of which nitrogenous and compound (i.e. NPK) were the most commonly used. Henan province was the largest consumer of chemical fertilizers and Heilongjiang province had the most land under irrigation.
  • In 2012, forest area covered 22.6% of China.

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