Agriculture has overtaken industry as the biggest non-point source pollution in China, according to vice minister of Agriculture Zhang Taolin. Zhang said hazards facing soil and water pollution and the safety of agricultural products have increased, Beijing Times reported. Industrial and civil pollution has shifted to agriculture, lowering the quality of arable farmland. Another negative factor is the consistent overuse of fertilizer and pesticides, while livestock dung, agricultural waste and grasses were too often inappropriately managed…Full Article: Apr 2015

The use of chemical fertilizers for growing vegetables and fruit trees has exceeded the “safety level” in China, according to vice minster of Agriculture Zhang Taolin…Full Article: Apr 2015

Key Points

  • According the China’s Vice Minister of Agriculture, China uses approximately 372 billion cubic meters of irrigation water annually. In addition, China will attempt to reduce its annual pesticide usage from 320,000 MTs to 300,000 MTs.
  • The minister also noted that increased cultivation of fruit trees and vegetables has led to increased utilization of fertilizers, often beyond what is covered safe for cultivation.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2013, China had 63.4 million hectares of farm land under irrigation and utilized a total of 59.1 million MTs of fertilizers, of which nitrogenous and compound (i.e. NPK) were the most commonly used. Henan province was the largest consumer of chemical fertilizers and Heilongjiang province had the most land under irrigation.

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