Iran is still the biggest exporter of split-shelled pistachios and it asserted its position last year by selling more than $1.5 billion of pistachio nuts. China is the biggest customer, accounting for 50% of Iran’s pistachio nut sales. Other major clients are Japan, Hong Kong, the European Union and Arab countries, according to an official at the Ministry of Agriculture, Ali Mohseni…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Mar 2015

Key Point

  • In 2014, Iran produced approximately 235,000 MTs of pistachios and exported roughly 134,000 MTs.

ChinaAg Comments

  • From 2000 to 2013, Chinese pistachio production increased from approximately 22,000 MTs to 74,000 MTs.
  • In 2011, mainland China imported nearly 19,000 MTs of pistachios from the USA and 5,362 MTs from Iran. Australia was a small supplier at just 541 MTs.
  • In 2011, Hong Kong imported 35,620 MTs of pistachios from the USA and 34,219 MTs from Iran.

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