China is toughening its examination of milk powder imported from New Zealand, according to the quality control watchdog, after revelations emerged on Tuesday [10 March 2015] of a criminal threat to contaminate some products with an agricultural poison. The government has already taken steps and will demand each batch of milk powder imported from New Zealand have an official certificate telling that it does not contain the substance, sodium monofluoroacetate, or 1080, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said in a statement. The administration also urged retailers to examine each packet of milk powder sold to make sure it has not been tampered with…Full Article: China Daily Mar 2015

Key Point

  • In 2014, New Zealand exported ~US$11 billion worth of milk products.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In November 2014, packets of dairy formula contaminated with 1080 pesticide (sodium fluoroacetate) were sent, along with anonymous letters threatening to poison Fonterra products, to New Zealand’s Federated Farmers and Fonterra. The letters stated that they would contaminate Fonterra products with 1080 if New Zealand does not stop using 1080 to combat rodents and stoats. Stoats are a type weasel that were introduced into New Zealand in the 1880s to control the country’s (introduced) rabbit population, but has since wreaked havoc on the country’s native bird population.
  • On 11 August 2013, Fonterra recalled batches of milk powder in Sri Lanka due to the detection of “farm chemicals”.
  • On 2 August 2013, Fonterra announced that some of its infant formula and sports drinks produce were contaminated with a type of bacteria that could cause botulism.

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