A new beer made with Chinese tea in Syracuse, New York, points to new opportunities for Chinese high-end teas as interest grows abroad despite disappointing 2014 export figures. In early February, Empire Brewing Co started brewing the unique tasting Two Dragons beer with Jingwei Fu tea, a type of fermented tea produced in Shaanxi province. “The beer is getting rave reviews in Syracuse,” David Katleski, owner of Empire Brewing Co, says, “and we intend to sample Two Dragons throughout New York State over the coming months while refining the taste”. After an initial trial shipment of 12 kilograms of tea, Empire Brewing and Shaanxi Jingwei Fu Tea Co have signed an agreement for a much larger second shipment of tea to make the beer a permanent product…Full Article: China Daily Mar 2015

Key Point

  • In 2014, China exported 302,500 MTs of tea (valued at US$1.27 billion, US$4 per kg export price), of which, 80% was low-grade green tea. This amount was a decline from the 322,699 MTs that was exported in 2013.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2013, China produced 1.9 million MTs of tea. The largest tea producing region was Fujian Province at 346,989 MTs or 18% of China’s total tea output.


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